Praise for

Souls To Keep

“Compelling debut…. That Robbins can write as gauzily as an angel…is perfectly clear.”

“Robbins’ ambitious first novel is a fantastical tale about earthly and eternal love…. Robbins writes well…and succeeds in keeping readers interested….”

“The familiar theme of a reluctant spirit gets a comic twist yet has a violent dark side in this promising first novel. The characters are interesting…readers interested in angels may be surprised by the plot twists.”

“Robbins carefully buries the message – love is all that matters – deep within pop culture, which makes for a good read.”

“Robbins writes quite well, voicing Virgil’s ennui, Bea’s frustration and Ellen’s resoluteness, and succeeds in keeping readers interested.”

“This is a novel that will grow on you like a hot bath…you’ll soon surrender to the experience, the warmth and the comfort, the overall sense of well-being. Readers will emerge with the rosy glow of reassurance that all is for the best. Sentimental? Well, yes, but so is Dickens.”